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Jolene Castanon - Green Diamond Studs
Jolene Castanon
Green Diamond Studs
brass, powder coat, sterling silver
2 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 1/2"
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My name is Jolene Castanon I was born Santa Fe, New Mexico. I went to college at NMSU in 2007 where I received my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. I moved to Dallas after college where I became a studio assistant for two contemporary metalsmiths in the DFW area.  I decided to pursue teaching and got my alternative teaching license after which I became an elementary art teacher in South Dallas. I got back in the studio last March and now have a hard time finding my way out these days. I am grateful for the time that I have been given to develop myself and my skills and get back in touch with my creative voice.
My work over the last year has been about repetition and finding routine amid the uncertainty of today.
Brass has been a staple in my work for years, in this collection It started as a simple shape, the rectangle and then I started repeating, manipulating it and adding more to it. Powder coating, a more recent addition to my techniques, allowed for the bright colors and wearability which was what I was looking for.
As I persisted in my process, I started going bigger and brighter. Big earrings can be a way to express our individuality, make a statement. In a time where masks take away from our identity, we can gain more control of our situation by expressing ourselves in bolder and brighter ways