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Enamel Inlay: Fire and Grind to Reveal the Beauty with Barbara Minor July 3, 10 & 17, 2021 1:00 -3:00PM ET

Enamel Inlay: Fire and Grind to Reveal the Beauty 

with Barbara Minor 
Virtual Three-Part Demonstration Workshop using the Zoom Platform
July  3, 10 & 17, 2021 | 1:00 - 3:00 PM ET
Reveal wonderful and sometimes surprising vs. sometimes predictable results that are hidden just below the surface of what might seem like a very “problematic” looking enameled piece.
Consider this scenario….   Maybe you’ve built up one too many layers of enamel – or – the enamel is too thick – or - you overfired your piece – or – the colors just aren’t right.  
You think you’ve ruined the piece.  But, before starting over, you try one more thing. You decide to grind the surface not knowing towards what end,  thinking “what have I got to lose”.
As you grind, the beauty of the enameled surface you created has gradually been revealing itself and you discover that you have actually produced something wonderful.  The result is that you now have an enameled surface that you might not be able to achieve any other way. 
Working on very slightly formed copper, in combination with opaque enamels**, we will explore and learn different ways to build up enamel and grind back through the overly thick layers to reveal wonderful and exciting enameled surfaces.  Surfaces that are virtually impossible to achieve as easily any other way.  You will be able to create detail, texture and “loose” patterns by building up a variety of enamel layers and then grinding back through the layers to reveal your results.  
**Those interested in using transparent enamel colors should already have experience preparing and using them.
Methods that I’ve explored, will share and that may not be explained in very many traditional enameling books are “grind to reveal” techniques using…. 
- enamel shards
- copper tubing
- silver foil spit balls
- excessively thick sgrafitto layers
- enamel frit
- scrap from firing racks or old enameled pieces
In preparation for enameling this way, you will learn to
- give the metal a very slight dome
- develop a plan for building up the enamel and placing the inlay
- understand your grinding options
- grinding to reveal – by hand and by machine
- flash fire for a glossy finish
- etch for a matt finish
This workshop will include, as necessary and appropriate, essential and fundamental technical information and skills for successful enameling.
- metals and enamel types suitable for this technique
- metal preparation
- work area and tools – choices, set-up and safe procedures
- enamel application methods for base coat, counter enamel and inlay
- edge finishing
The objectives for participants are
- to understand enameling basics relative to the “grind to reveal” processes
- to gain confidence while exploring and experimenting with this enameling/grinding method
  - to achieve exciting surfaces that exceed expected results.  
- to continue using the processes learned on their own.
 *  This is a “demonstration workshop”.  Students will work on techniques taught in-between classes.  In order to do so, participants will need to have access to a basic metalworking and enameling studio workshop equipped with relevant hand tools and materials .  Completing the processes taught is not mandatory, but recommended in order to get the most from the class.  
* 2-3 weeks prior to the start of class, participants will receive a detailed and annotated list of tools, materials and suppliers directly from Barbara 
* During the week before class begins, participants will receive…
- process order outline with images of examples when relevant or possible
- access to a Private/Hidden FaceBook Group for asking questions, sharing your progress, discussion with the group and examples.
The structure and components of this class are intended to allow and encourage participants…
-  to share their individual results, ask questions and receive answers or feedback from each other and from Barbara in-between classes on a private FaceBook page.
-  to work in their personal studios in-between the three sessions on techniques demonstrated 
-  to view the class recording for one month after the class ends.
-  to have fun while learning.
* Beginning experience with enameling recommended.
** A general list of tools/supplies needed for this class can be found here. Barbara will send a detailed and comprehensive supply and tool list to registrants at 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of this class.


  • Participants must have the ZOOM video platform downloaded on a computer or phone. It’s easy! Download here.
  • Click Here to print your material List 
  • Participants must have reliable internet access and a computer or phone with sound recording and web-cam capabilities to participate.
  • Once registered, students will receive a video meeting code along with simple ZOOM instructions.
  • Features live demonstration and the ability to ask questions. Participants will have access via Zoom to viewing the recorded demonstration  for two weeks.
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable but are transferrable with a $25 transfer fee.