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Grace Bennett - peach bead earrings
Grace Bennett
peach bead earrings
sterling silver, cherry wood, milk paint, beads
1" x 1"
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I was blessed with a happy childhood, filled with pleasant memories, lots of colorful toys,and a loving family, and I am driven to make work that shares this sweet experience. When myart is viewed, I wish to evoke a time of innocence and imagination, especially for those whose childhood may not have been as pleasant. Through the use of color, shapes and alternative materials, I hope to instill a feeling of happiness when my work is viewed. I have a passion for both wood and metal. A big portion of my work is wearable and is mostly made out of wood, milk paint, and sterling silver. The wood is ideal for all day comfort, allowing one to wear big colorful earrings without being bogged down by weight. The wood iswarm, soft, and inviting. I use milk paint because I feel strongly about the way the surface appears to the viewer, and the way that it feels when someone wears it. I like the strong contrast between the wood and the silver. Silver is a soft, malleable metal, and I am able to manipulate iteasily. Hand cut, carved and painted; I design all these objects with the intention to brighten someone’s day. Everyday, I make a conscious decision to choose happiness. I am a hopeless optimist that loves to make people smile and through my work I can achieve more than I ever dreamed of.