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McNaughton, Crassons, & King Finch - PA200
Marimar McNaughton, with drawings by Linda Crassons, & historical research by Fiona King Finch
Columbia on the Scuppernong Histoirc Hourses and the Stories They Tell
11" x 8 1/2"
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Artist Info:
Join Marimar McNaughton, author of Outer Banks Architecture, as she visits the old homes of Columbia and uncovers storeis woven inot the fabirc of the houses that line the streets of this unspoilt river town. Extensive deed research as well as in-the-filed intervews combine to bring the house descriptions alive with both authority and charm. As the proverbial hands of the courthouse clock rush to catch up with the times, this book is an invitation to slow down, turn back the pages of histroy and take a tour of the town once known as Heart's Delight.