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Print & Multimedia Resources
  • Lutheran Introduction to Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Neighbors
    A basic introduction to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
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  • Guide to Welcome LGBTQIA+ Youth & their families
    This guide will engage your faith community and quip it to provide helpful and appropriate care to LGBTQIA+ youth.
    Price: $2.00
  • Lutheran Guide to Advocate for LBGTQ People in Church and Society
    This resource is a starting point for you and your Lutheran faith community as it seeks to advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LBGTQ) people in church and society.
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  • Reconciling Scripture for Lutherans - On Sexuality and Gender Identity
    A short commentary that takes into account biblical intergrity and knowledge, key Lutheran interpretative lenses, and the diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, deepening the understanding of God's inclusive and expansive welcome.
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  • This Obedience (DVD)
    The story of a woman, a congregation and an issue that has divided the nation.
    Price: $20.00
  • In a Time of Trial (DVD)
    The story of Pastor Bradley Schmeling and St. John's Lutheran Church in Georgia, Atlanta.
    Price: $15.00
  • Lutheran Introduction to Conversations About HIV/AIDS
    An introduction to conversations around HIV/AIDS.
    Price: $1.00