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Welcome to the ReconcilingWorks eStore!
All proceeds from this eStore go directly to the Programs and Ministries of ReconcilingWorks.
If you have any questions while shopping please call 651-665-0861 or email AshleiB@ReconcilingWorks.org. 


  • Resource Booklets
    LGBTQIA+ Welcome in Rural Communities
    Lutheran Introduction to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression 
    Guide to Welcome LGBTQIA+ Youth and Their Families 
    Lutheran Guide to Advocacy for LGBTQIA+ People in Church and Society 
    Reconciling Scripture for Lutherans on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 
    Lutheran Introduction to Conversation about HIV/AIDS 
    ReconcilingWorks Brochure
    Building an Inclusive Church (BIC) Toolkit
  • Pins & Buttons
    Lapel pins and buttons.
  • Show Your PRIDE
    RIC Window Clings
    "This Lutheran Loves LGBTQIA+" Bumper Sticker
    For more decorative and celebratory items, check out our Zazzle Shop Site!