GSU RMF Contributions



Welcome to GSU Risk Management Foundation's Contributions Page to benefit the Department of Risk Management and Insurance at GSU. 

  • John W. Hall Scholarship Fund (Endowment)
    This scholarship is named in honor of Professor John W. Hall whose 19-year tenure as chair of the Georgia State University Department of Risk Management and Insurance was noted as a period of growth and excellence.
  • Harold D. Skipper International Insurance Endowment
    This new endowment celebrates the Lifetime Achievement Award that was given to Dr. Skipper as a part of the 2020 Riskies.  The endowment will support international graduate students enrolled in the Georgia State University Risk Management & Insurance Department.
  • RMF General Fund
    The most versatile of all the RMF funds, these monies provide for supplemental funding above that available through normal state funding.
  • Kenneth Black, Jr. Chair of Insurance Fund (Operating)
    This chair, named after the founder of the Risk Management and Insurance Department at Georgia State University, is held by the Chair of the department.
  • Wes Duesenberg Jr. Surplus Lines Endowment
    The Wes Duesenberg Jr. Surplus Lines Endowment was established n 2019 by the Duesenberg Family to provide scholarship funds to students.
  • Robert W. Batten Chair in Actuarial Science Fund (Operating)
    This chair is named for Professor Batten whose 30-plus years at Georgia State University helped produce an actuarial science program that is one of the most successful in the world and the largest of its kind in the United States.