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  • Frothy Forage 2020 Registration
    The event has been rescheduled for August 15, 2020 and registration is currently on hold.
    What could be better than drinking delicious beer and wine from local breweries and wineries? Drinking delicious local beer and wine while in the great outdoors! Join us on August 15, 2020 for the Frothy Forage, a unique microbrew festival where the surroundings are just as refreshing as the drinks! Don’t miss out on this one of a kind beer festival! The best part? It’s all for a good cause! All proceeds go directly to protecting and restoring Riveredge’s 379 acres of wild Wisconsin. Learn more about the event here. 
  • Sponsor a Sturgeon
    For a modest donation to the Return the Sturgeon Restoration Project, children, families, and adults participate in citizen science at its best by ‘sponsoring’ a baby sturgeon.
  • Riveredge Membership
    365 days of adventure await! As a Riveredge member, you have access to wild Wisconsin right in your own backyard!
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