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In a time when nature seems so far removed from everyday life, when screens take precedence to time spent gazing at the clouds, and when playing in dirt and mud has become a forbidden activity at so many schools- Riveredge supporters are bringing nature back into the fabric of communities, schools, and family life.
Because of their belief in the power, and importance, of nature-rich lives,  almost 40,000 children and adults are healthier and happier through time in nature. That's a lot of Riveredge Kids!
Riveredge Kids go home with stories of bats and bugs. They build forts in the woods and sleep under the stars. They run nets over prairies, wade in the river, and release sturgeon into Lake Michigan. They build science knowledge outside, with mud on their hands and boots on their feet. Think of the lives that were changed, just this past year, because of time spent in nature at Riveredge.
All great movements happen because, one by one, people make a commitment. Join with us in the effort to reach even more children, adults, and families in the coming year. Partner with us to bring nature into schools and communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin by making an investment in Riveredge today. 

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