Thank you for supporting SAFEHOME!  Because of people like you, victims of domestic violence have a way out.  Because you care, women and children have a safe place to sleep at SAFEHOME, and thousands of young women and men are learning about the differences between healthy relationships and dangerous ones.  Your support helps police and medical personnel learn to recognize the signs of abuse, and provides them with ways to help. 
If you are making a gift in honor of or in memory of someone, please include that information in the comments section when you enter your credit card information. Be sure to include the address where you would like the acknowledgement sent. Thank you.
Every dollar you give will go to help SAFEHOME achieve its mission.  Each dollar will be used where it is most needed to help break the cycle of domestic violence.  People are often surprised when they learn just how much good their dollars can accomplish at SAFEHOME, so we provide the examples below as illustrations.  Of course, you can accomplish even more through monthly giving, so please check that box if you are able!

  • $25
    A gift of $25 dollars provides milk and snacks for 2 days for the children of SAFEHOME while they remain safe from a violent home.
  • $50
    A gift of $50 equips a doctor, nurse or other hospital personnel with the training to recognize and intervene in domestic violence incidents.
  • $100
    A gift of $100 reaches a group of 100 teenagers with a powerful message about dating violence and peer-to-peer intervention through a production of “The Outrage” at a local school.
  • $250
    A gift of $250 provides two victims of domestic violence with legal counsel by SAFEHOME’s full-time, in-house attorney to obtain Orders of Protection in the District Courts of Kansas.
  • $500
    A gift of $500 will provide a victim of domestic violence with safe shelter for a week to escape the imminent threat of death or serious injury.
  • $1,000
    A gift of $1,000 will provide the food to feed 25 women and 25 children three healthy meals a day for a month.
  • Choose Your Own Gift Amount
    Every gift helps break the cycle of violence.  Pick you own level and rest assured that you have done something today to make a real difference in the battle to end domestic violence.