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  • Gift of Sight Catalogue
    Blindness is a global health problem causing untold suffering and costing the world billions annually. But this is a solvable problem. 29 million people could see tomorrow if only they had access to eye care. Your gift today gives the power of sight and changes lives forever.
  • Help Those In Greatest Need
    With this gift you are restoring sight and preventing blindness in some of the poorest regions of the world through training, surgery, glasses, medicine and outreach. We will put your gift to work where it is needed most, and it will have a ripple effect for generations to come.
  • So Kids Can See
    Help children see with sight-restoring surgery or prescription glasses. Children who have their vision restored are given an average of 50 years of sight, allowing them to go to school, learn, play with friends and lead productive lives.
  • So Adults Can See
    Help adults see - give the power of sight to some of the most marginilized and isolated people in the developing world so they can live independent and productive lives.
  • Empower Women & Girls
    Half of the world's population is made up of women and girls. Women and girls don't go blind more often than men and boys. Yet, the majority of the world's blind are female. Help break down the barriers to eye care for women and girls so they get the care they need and deserve.
  • Train An Eye Care Worker
    Train local people at every level of eye care so they can serve their own people now and into the future.
  • Send Eye Care To Remote Communities
    Most of the 36 million people in the world who are blind live in remote, rural areas with no access to eye care. They will not walk into a hospital and request sight-restoring surgery. They are too poor. They don't understand that they can be helped. They have no way to get to the hospital. They are frightened. They are women and children and not able to travel freely. They will stay blind until eye care workers bring eye care to their doorstep.
  • Gift of Sight Donation Cards
    Donate to an eye care program as a gift in honour of a friend or family member. Each card is the equivalent of a $12.50 donation. Packages include 4 cards with envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

    Prices include shipping.
  • Give in Memory or in Honour
    Choose to make a gift in any amount to give the power of sight to those most in need in memory or in honour of someone special. During checkout, select "yes, this is a present" and fill out the recipient's address information and we'll send them a beautiful card telling them how their gift will help transform lives.