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Butterfly Canvas Tote Bag - New Beginnings Design
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Butterfly Tote Bag - Designed by @jordan_ardler for Butterfly Foundation
300gsm cotton canvas bag
@jordan_ardler 'New Beginnings' full-colour digital transfer print
Product size: W38 x H42.5 cm
Jordan Ardler - New Beginnings - Artwork designed for Butterfly Foundation

Original Artwork hanging in Butterfly House Crows Nest, Sydney
This artwork acknowledges the Cammeraigal peoples, their land,
spirits and ancestors.

It is a reflection of the significant shorelines and visually expresses
where the land meets the sea.

The ripple effect of the blue central piece is symbolic of the ocean,
which has provided resources for thousands of years.

The surrounding black lines are a protective barrier around the ocean
and are an acknowledgement to the walking tracks and pathways
ancestors use to travel along.

The artwork also incorporates elements of the initiatives, growth,
empowerment and pathways based around Butterfly.

The central symbols are symbolic of the community coming together
into an inclusive safe space. The ripples within the central circles are
a reflection of the surrounding land as well as the conversations and
storytelling which promote change and growth within the community.
The black pathways can also be seen as the journeys each individual
will take during their time with Butterfly. The nine symbols surrounding
the circles are symbolic of the outer community taking their first steps
on their new journeys into the community.

The outer circular patterns reflect empowerment for one another to be
positive, inspiring and striving to create change. Change is something
that builds over time, in turn creating new beginnings. A butterfly’s
lifecycle is a perfect example of this. The image allows the viewer to
take a step back to view the overall artwork.

This will allow the audience to see the various angles the artwork
can be seen. Each way the image is turned, it resembles a butterfly.