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Thank you so much for your support.  Every dollar from your purchases will go towards the support for victims of human trafficking.

  • Human Trafficking: Canada's Secret Shame
    The Joy Smith Foundation has produced a documentary about human trafficking today in Canada, and the work of the Foundation and others to suppress it. It is an authentic story told by experts across Canada. Directors of leading NGOs speak about rescuing and rehabilitating survivors. A police officer talks about taking down trafficking rings
    and bringing perpetrators to justice. A reformed trafficker tells how he lured young girls into the
    sex trade. A parent whose daughter was trafficked recalls the heart wrenching agony of what he and his family went through. A survivor of human trafficking tells her story.
    “It is critical that everyone watch the documentary to better understand how traf ckers work so
    they can protect themselves and their families.” Megan Walker, Executive Director, London
    Abused Women’s Centre
    Price: $24.99
  • The Mother Bear Necklace
    Created by Hilary Druxman Design, and inspired by Joy Smith’s work on human traffcking
    “A symbol of strength and courage, the Mother Bear is known for her ferce protection of her young against predators. The Joy Smith Foundation is committed to the protection of our youth and others from human traffckers. 100% of the net proceeds will support awareness programs about human traffckers and how they work to lure our youth and others into the sex trade.”
    Sterling silver bear pendant on a 16-18” chain.
    Price: $40.00
  • Faith, Life & Leadership
    Eight Canadian Women Tell Their Stories
    Chapter seven “Journeying From Mother to Changemaker” by Joy Smith
    Eight successful, Godly women share their unique stories and lessons from their journeys to becoming strong leaders in Canada.
    Price: $19.99
  • Human Trafficking in Canada: Educational Resource
    The Joy Smith Foundation has developed an educational resource kit that will teach Canadian youth, parents and teachers how human trafficking happens. 
    Price: $99.00
  • The True Story of Canadian Human Trafficking. By Paul H. Boge
    Written by Paul H. Boge 
    Forward by Paul Brandt
    This book is about Joy Smith’s journey on Parliament Hill, through the eyes of a young survivor.
    The story revolves around Abby Summers, a high school student from Markham, Ontario with a special love for soccer. After receiving a message on social media from a new guy named Jake, the two begin to date. Abby falls for him quickly, even imagining a future together. Her hope suffers a bad turn when he convinces her to sell herself to men for one night. Eventually one night turns into many and Jake convinces her to take a trip with him across Canada to make a lot of money for their life together. When Abby finally wants out she discovers she is trapped. Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Joy Smith is working to build support for a human trafficking bill to ensure minimum sentences are given to anyone convicted of luring girls into sex slavery. It is an uphill battle with many not believing human trafficking is happening to Canadian girls. Joy struggles to get her bill passed while working with police and Abby's mother to rescue her from the underground prison of human trafficking.
    Published by Castle Quay Books
    All royalties donated to the Joy Smith Foundation
    Price: $24.99
  • The Beaver and the Muskrat
    By B. Smith 
    A delightful tale of two friends with very different reasons on what happiness means. Parents and children will both love with meaningful morals hidden in the story - "always 'moving up' will have you missing out." An enchanting story children love with beautiful, and bright illustrations to accompany. A great read for children at home or at school. 
    Price: $10.00
  • The Christian Response to Human Trafficking in Canada
    The Christian Response to Human Trafficking in Canada showcases real world stories on human trafficking today. Human trafficking happens today, just as it did in Biblical times. Watch to learn how human trafficking is weaved throughout history to present day.
    Price: $35.00