Protecting the irreplaceable.


Mushroom Lover
TLC is surrounded by mushroom farmers, with 50% of the U.S.'s mushroom products being grown, packed, and shipped in Chester County, PA. Families of our locally owned mushroom farms will support TLC as we help spearhead a new style of growing that reduces the impact on the environment, while maintaining yields. TLC currently uses GIS mapping to identify and analyze potential issues at local farms, such as water quality, air quality, and nuisances like phorid flies. We will begin to communicate to growers the information on watershed conditions, biodiversity, soil quality and slope, habitat for endangered species, and more. We are working on proposed trail networks around the farms, increasing conservation of agriculture sites, and maintaining protected and unprotected open space. TLC is currently designing programs including our innovative practices involving our bird house project and education for growers on vegetative screening and buffers. These practices will nurture native plants, help farmers and residents to eliminate atmospheric and pest issues, and mitigate watershed impact from runoff. Help your local mushroom farmers today!