Goalball Equipment
  • Goalball
    IBSA Certified Goalball
    Price: $80.00
  • Goalball Prefabricated Court
    USABA now offers a precut, reuseable goalball court.  
    Price: $130.00
  • Goalball Kit
    A USABA Goalball Kit has everything you need to start a goalball program in one kit! Goalball kits include two IBSA-certified goalballs, 6 eyeshades, 6 pairs of knee/elbow pads (currently out of stock), a reusable prefabricated court, and 2 rolls of court tape.   Valued at $755.00, the kit is yours for $650.00! For current Sports Clubs, please contact Cat Bouwkamp at to receive a $50.00 discount on goalball kit orders. 
    Price: $650.00
  • USABA Eyeshades
    USABA eyeshades for recreational goalball practice and play
    Price: $34.99