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Rated: NR    Format: DVD (3 discs)  Viewing Time Approx: 3 hours
The Deming Starter Library is comprised of four key programs selected from The Complete Deming Library, and provides an ideal way to begin to learn about and explore the remarkable theories and teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.
  • The Prophet of Quality reviews the life of Dr. Deming, his education, professional career, and the origins of his overarching principle of continuous improvement.
  • The 14 Points covers the essential actions that Dr. Deming believed managers must take to transform and build a successful organization.
  • Understanding Profound Knowledge reviews Dr. Deming's system of thinking on which all practices must be based to achieve continual improvement of the organization, its people, and products or services.
  • The Red Bead Experiment features the famous exercise designed by Dr. Deming that demonstrates how an individual's performance at work is directly tied to and limited by the nature of the system they are working within.
  • Lessons of the Red Bead Experiment The lessons learned in the experiment include failing because management did not understand or improve the system, and realizing that exhortations will not improve productivity. Also discussed is the importance of understanding variation, the need for operational definitions and how the practice of ranking people fails to improve system performance.