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CEO SEMINAR (1992) (DIC-000-001)
Rated: NR    Format: DVD    Viewing Time Approx: 8 hours
The CEO Seminar is geared toward executives, focusing on of the important role of management and leadership in transforming and optimizing an organization for success in today’s world. Through examples and discussion, and by using The System of Profound Knowledge as a lens, Dr. Deming explores the prevailing style of management. He also provides ways by which an organization can understand how it works, and what’s needed to undergo a transformation. Offered only once, this public seminar was professionally recorded and edited by the companies that presented Dr. Deming’s seminars. Condensed into six hours of videos, this informative and engaging DVD Collection covers the following topics:
  • Quality is Made at The Top
  • A System Must Be Managed
  • Cooperation Leads to Optimization
  • Profound Knowledge: A Guide for Management
  • The Red Bead Experiment
  • Lessons of the Red Beads
  • Finding Meaning in Data
  • Management is Prediction
  • Psychology and Leadership
  • Educating for the Future
  • Cooperation and Standardization
  • Tapering: Lessons of the Funnel
  • Inspection