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FOUR-DAY SEMINAR (1992) (DIC-000-002)
The Deming Institute Collection    Rated: NR    Format: DVD    Viewing Time Approx: 12 hours
The Four-Day Seminar DVD Collection provides its viewers with a comprehensive exploration of the seminal theories and teachings of Dr. Deming in a corporate setting. It is comprised of twelve hours of Dr. Deming’s lectures and demonstrations given to an audience of more than five hundred managers at General Motors in 1992. The donation of these videos enables the Deming Institute to present this unique view of his teachings in great detail. This corporate contribution was recorded and edited by the General Motors. Comprehensive in nature, the Four-Day Seminar thoroughly covers The Deming System of Profound Knowledge®, and also includes a comprehensive study guide for individual and group learning. DVDs are enhanced video/sound, and are of good quality.
  • How Are We Doing?
  • The Heavy Losses
  • Further Losses
  • Introduction to a System
  • Destruction of a System
  • Optimization of a System
  • The System of Profound Knowledge
  • The Red Bead Experiment
  • Lessons of the Red Bead Experiment
  • Motivation
  • Leadership and Management of People
  • PDSA and Responsibility
  • Education
  • Shewhart and Control Charts
  • Common Causes of Accidents
  • The Funnel Experiment
  • Some Lessons in Variation
  • Relationships with Suppliers
  • People Learn in Different Ways
  • Inspection
  • Remarks on Service Industries
  • Dr. Deming Responds to Questions
  • Memories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming