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The Deming Institute Collection    Rated: NR    Format: DVD    Viewing Time Approx: 70 min
The Red Bead Experiment is the highlight of Deming's four-day seminar. Executives attending the seminar often identified the Red Bead experiment as having the most profound effect on changing how they think about managing and viewing their workers. The demonstration is deceptively simple while providing many powerful messages. This illuminating DVD shows Dr. Deming presenting his famous Red Beads Experiment. Dr. Deming acts as the production foreman and asks for volunteers from the audience to serve as his willing workers to assist him perform the experiment. In the second volume, Dr. Deming explores many of the lessons and implications drawn from what was observed. He clearly demonstrates acts such as punishing and rewarding individual workers in the system is counterproductive and pointless and the only way to improve outcome is for management to improve the system that creates that outcome. Understanding is clear that the success of a worker is directly tied to and limited by the nature of system they are working within. This is the same footage from the CEO Seminar series. 70 minutes on a single DVD.