Water Products & Services


Water Treatment
  • Portable Water Treatment System (PWTS)
    WaterStep’s Portable Water Treatment System is a mini water filtration and chlorination plant designed to provide potable water.
    Price: $4,500.00
  • M-100 Chlorinator
    Using a 12-volt car battery and salt, the M-100 Chlorine Generator simply and safely produces chlorine gas that is injected into the water to kill waterborne pathogens.
    Price: $800.00
  • Bleach Maker
    A portable device that can produce approx. 1 gallon of powerful disinfectant using only water, salt and a 12vDC power source.
    Price: $250.00
  • Water Ball
    A 12.5 gallon/47 liter water transport tool.
    Price: $150.00
  • PowerSupply
    The PowerSupply automatically adjusts to the line voltage, either 110v or 240v AC, and transforms it to 12 volts DC.
    Price: $200.00
  • 60W Solar Panel
    Ultra lightweight, ultra compact and ultra portable solar panel. 
    Price: $900.00
  • 12V - DC Circulation Pump
    Small and compact 12-volt pump used to circulate water from a storage tank.
    Price: $40.00
  • Guzzler Hand Pump
    Hand pump capable of moving water at a speed of 12 GPM and up to a depth of 22 feet.
    Price: $190.00
  • 1.5" Disc Filters
    100 and 25 micron filters designed for effective removal of organic substances. 
    Price: $225.00
  • Additional International Shipping Fee
    Additional International Shipping Fee.
    Price: $500.00