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Explorer Hand Drilling System (EXP-50)
The EXPLORER Hand Drilling System (EXP-50) is used around the world to drill water wells by hand without bulky engines, mud pumps or costly machinery.  Components can be repaired or replaced using parts that are accessible in most developing countries.  Drilling depth capability varies depending on the specific geological conditions.  The EXP-50 is recommended for shallow well drilling of up to 50 ft. (15.2 m) and is not designed to drill through hard rock.  The user is responsible for complying with all local and international laws regarding well drilling.  Engineered to be a "go anywhere" tool to check as baggage on most airlines.  The entire drill can be backpacked to just about any location without having to worry about vehicle accessibility.
As packaged, the EXP-50 can be used to drill a 5-inch hole, 50 ft. (16 m) deep.  If greater depth is required, additional extensions rods (EXP-50) may be purchased directly from WaterStep, or may be manufactured in the field.  The EXP-50 comes with (1) EXP-01 Regular auger bit, (1) EXP-02 Sand auger bit, (1) EXP-03 Cracking bit, (1) EXP-04 T-Handle, (1) EXP-07 Multi-slip, (2) EXP-13 Carrying bag, (16) EXP-05 Extension rod, and (25) EXP-06 Lock pin.  Includes (2) extra Collars in case there is a need to make more extensions in the field.  Each of the two units are 9" x 9" x 40".  Each bag weights 42 lbs for a total of 84 lbs (19 kg).
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