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Give for Good.
Change a Life.
We are so grateful that you have joined us.
We hope our videos provide some inspiration and that you recognize, as we do, how very special our honorees, Ellen Gelboim and Bob Mensch are!
Thank you for your generosity to our Give for Good Auction. Your dollars have extra power right now as Board Member Neil Sandler and his wife Wendy has generously offered a dollar for dollar match for every $5000 raised up to $25,000! Your support helps us to unlock this $25,000 opportunity!
We need you now more than ever!
In a time of feeling helpless, your donation to
WJCS helps to maintain critical services to our most vulnerable neighbors. 
Click the links below to sponsor one or more of these services.
Questions? Contact Diana Eppolito at deppolito@wjcs.com / 914-848-8156.

  • For some kids, childhood is tough. You can make it better.
    Price: $2,500 to fund 15 psychotherapy sessions.
    Children struggle with mental health problems including anxiety, depression, trauma, and suicidal thoughts and feelings. WJCS therapists are trained to engage children with language and supports they understand and relate to, while providing research-proven treatment. Therapists provide a safe and nurturing environment where kids and their families can move beyond the pain together. WJCS helps over 1,500 kids annually learn skills and develop resilience to grow into confident and happy adults. 
    Fund 15 psychotherapy sessions to uninsured or under-insured kids for $2,500.
    Price: $2,500.00
  • Second Generation Holocaust survivors have trauma too.
    Price: $1,000 to fund monthly group sessions for Second Generation Holocaust Survivors.
    The second generation of Holocaust Survivors are a group that may be characterized as having "secondary trauma." Lifelong exposure to parents and family who lived through the horrors of the Holocaust has challenged their lives with guilt, sadness, expectations, and the need to navigate fraught conversations...or silence. As Survivors age and many are dying, many second generation members are coming forward needing to connect and to talk. 
    Funding is needed and it's up to us.
    Provide group and individual support sessions for Second Generation Holocaust Survivors for $1,000.
    Price: $1,000.00
  • LGBTQ+ youth need a safe, supportive place. And each other.
    Price: $500 for 4 hours of support groups for LGBTQ+ teens.
    LGBTQ+ teens often face homophobia and bullying and are at risk of suffering serious mental health challenges. WJCS Center Lane is Westchester's only Youth and Community Education Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning youth. Weekly professionally-led support groups, guided by their WJCS social worker, allow LGBTQ+ youth to learn from each other, reducing their isolation and promoting a supportive community.
    Fund 4 hours of support groups for LGBTQ+ teens for $500.
    Price: $500.00
  • Individuals with disabilities can be included in their community...if we can drive them there.
    Price: $180 will help fund the purchase of a van for WJCS Group Homes.
    For intellectually and developmentally disabled residents of WJCS group homes, reliable transportation is the lifeline to becoming integrated members of the community. Vans transport our residents to jobs, medical appointments, and volunteer opportunities. Social activities like movies, shopping, visiting friends, and cultural and religious events are only possible with enough vans to help enrich and fulfill the lives of our group home residents. We are applying for a grant that will get us three-quarters of the way to a new van. Help us fulfill this funding to purchase a new van.
    Help fund the purchase of a van for WJCS Group Homes for $180.
    Price: $180.00