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Gifts to Empower are unique gift ideas inspired by the real needs of women and families at the Red Door. They are essential items and services that you can provide for families to help them heal and begin again. From providing a simple care package for a mother to helping a family move into a new home, each gift you give will empower and support a woman, child, or family to achieve a brighter future.
When you give a Gift to Empower you will have the choice of a personalized card or instant e-card to give to your friend or loved one.

A Gift to Empower is a meaningful gift for someone special in your life, whether it’s to celebrate the holiday season, to honour an amazing achievement, or just to show someone that you care about them, and about making a difference in your community. Each gift is a gift that gives twice!

  • Women
    Can you imagine what it must be like for a woman with young children escaping from her abusive partner in the middle of the night with only the clothes on their backs? Help provide that immediate sense of comfort, with the basic necessities, or help connect a woman to the resources she needs to reclaim a better future for herself and her children.
  • Children and Teens
    Did you know that at any given time, over 50% of the residents at the Red Door are children and teens? Shelter life can be a difficult experience for children who are dealing with the emotional impact of homelessness and domestic abuse. A simple gift can help provide children with positive memories and support so they can heal and be kids again.
  • Families
    Few situations are as difficult or as terrifying as finding oneself suddenly homeless and in desperate need of shelter. Imagine the distress of a family that has just been evicted, or the anxiety of refugees, lost, scared, and alone. Help give assurance and support to a family when they arrive at our shelter, or provide essential services to help them heal and reach their goals so they can move to independence.