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  • Grassfed Cattle
    As more consumers discover the benefits of grass-fed beef – sustainability, good taste, antibiotic-free – demand continues to grow.
    Price: $24.95
  • Homegrown Pork: Humane, Healthful Techniques for Raising a Pig for Food
    Raising a pig is easy to do, even in a small space like a suburban backyard. In just five months, a 30-pound shoat will become a 250-pound hog and provide you with 100 pounds of pork...
    Price: $18.95
  • Keeping Livestock Healthy
    Comprehensive Veterinary Guide to Preventing and Identifying Disease in Horses, Cattle, Swine, Goats & Sheep...
    Price: $19.95
  • Crianza de Cabras para leche y carne
    Crianza de Cabras para Leche y Carne
    Price: $8.00
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle
    Whether you’re raising one cow or a herd, this is the go-to reference you need...
    Price: $19.95
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats
    Dairy goats are a great choice for the small or backyard dairy farmer.
    Price: $19.95
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs
    The complete guide to successful small-scale pig raising...
    Price: $18.95
  • Saving the Guinea Hogs
    Readers who love books about animals, southern history, or narrative nonfiction will find something of interest in this multi-faceted story. Breeders of Guinea Hogs or those wanting to learn more about the breed will be rewarded with rich details about genetic lines and those who began the American Guinea Hog Association. Homesteaders, sustainable farmers, and chefs will also gain an appreciation of the breed.
    Price: $24.99
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep
    Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep has earned the praise and trust of sheep farmers around the world with its in-depth, expert coverage of breed selection...
    Price: $19.95
  • The Fleece and Fiber Source Book
    This one-of-a-kind photographic encyclopedia features more than 200 animals and the fibers they produce.
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Displaying 1 - 10 of 15
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