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Storeys Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs
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From the large-tailed Karakul sheep to the wrinkled Fengjing pig, North America is home to an extraordinary array of livestock breeds. Finally, a single resource offers detailed information about both common and heritage breeds: Storey's Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs. This attractive, at-a-glance reference, written by one of America's foremost livestock experts, covers 194 of North America's most significant breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, and swine — from the common Guernsey cow to the near-extinct Guinea hog. For each breed, Carol Ekarius provides full-color photographs, a brief history, and details about the breed's unique qualities and quirks. You'll enjoy reading about major breeds such as the iconic Holstein cow, and Icelandic sheep, as well as hundreds of lesser-known varieties, like the long-legged Tamworth pig; the lilac-spotted Jacob Sheep; the deerlike San Clemente goat; and the powerful, droopy-eared Guzerat cow.

Comprehensive, colorful, and captivating, this definitive, in-depth guide is informative enough to aid farmers in breed selection but beautiful enough for fanciers to browse as a coffee-table book. This indispensable reference showcases North American livestock breeds for what they truly are: fascinating, stunning, and endlessly varied.
Soft cover, 303 pages, illustrated.