Please join Conservacion Patagonica in creating critical and spectacular new national parks in Patagonia. Since 2000, we have conserved over 450,000 acres and established one national park, Monte Leon National Park, the first continental coastal national park of Argentina. Our current focus is creating Patagonia National Park in Chile's Aysen Region; it will protect 650,000 acres of critical habitat, restore ecosystems damaged from ranching, and provide public access to a majestic wild area.

Your donation supports the establishment of new trails, the development of public campgrounds, the recovery of threatened species like the huemul deer and puma, and the restoration of native Patagonian grasslands in the Chacabuco Valley. It funds the strategic acquisition of new land within the master plan of the future park, and programs to engage the local communities. We ask you to join the thousands of people who have supported this historic project!


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From the mountains and rivers of the future park, THANK YOU!