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Below are areas in which we are seeking volunteers. Please mark those that fit your skills and interests. You may choose more than one. Descriptions of most of these positions can be found on our website. If you are particularly interested in one area, please choose it from the drop-down box below.

*Opportunities with this sign are needed only occasionally. The rest require a regular commitment.

Hagar’s House Shelter for Women and Children

Project Take Charge Homelessness Prevention Program

Family Transitional Housing Program

Office Assistance

Special Events

Program Council Advisory Board Committees

(Some of these meet frequently, others only a few times per year.)

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Please indicate in the boxes below the days and times during which you are available to volunteer. This does not indicate a commitment; it is a way to determine compatibility with certain volunteer opportunities.

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Please list the names, numbers, and relationships of two non-family members who could serve as references for your work.

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Community Service

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Statements of Understanding

The following statements are extremely important to your ability to volunteer well at DCM. Please read them very carefully and check the boxes only when you have read, understood, and agreed with them. Thank you!

: I certify that all of the information I have provided here is true and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts on this application my be cause for non-selection or later dismissal.

: I understand that all volunteers are required to attend an orientation session (called DCM 101) before they are able to begin volunteering, and that I am responsible for contacting the volunteer coordinator to sign up for a session.

Statement of Privacy and Conduct

A. Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner in keeping with the core values of DCM. These are:

  • Fairness
  • Justice
  • Empowerment
  • Responsibility
  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Serving in Humility
  • Stewardship of Resources
  • Compassion
In case of inappropriate conduct, DCM staff may release a volunteer. If DCM staff dismisses a volunteer, the situation will be brought to the attention of the Executive Director.

B. Volunteers are discouraged from giving rides to clients in personal automobiles. In order to give a ride, the client and the volunteer must have signed release forms on file in the DCM office.

C. Volunteers must report all instances of client physical and sexual abuse to the Executive Director or director of the program at which the incident occurred. Such a report must be made whether the abuse was client-on-client, client-on-volunteer, or volunteer-on-client. Incident report forms are available for this purpose at the DCM office.

D. We embrace diversity. Opportunities for diversity training are to be offered for all volunteers. This training is expected of staff, volunteers, and board members.

E. Volunteers are prohibited from making unauthorized expenditures on behalf of DCM.

F. Volunteers are expected to exhibit good stewardship of DCM's resources and equipment, and should not use either in projects not directly related to DCM tasks and projects. When using DCM computers, volunteers are prohibited from accessing pornographic material via the Internet.

G. DCM actively encourages volunteer service on the part of its former clients in all aspects of the organization, including the board. To ensure appropriate boundaries between staff and former clients, at least six months must elapse between the time a client receives DCM services and the time she or he becomes an active volunteer unless a compelling case can be made for an exception. The Program Manager in consultation with the Executive Director will make such a decision.

I agree to protect the privacy of DCM's clients and to respect rules, staff, volunteers, other persons, and property. I agree to remove myself from the program at the request of Decatur Cooperative Ministry for any failure to follow this code of conduct.
(Optional): Release is given for promotional use of any photos or videos taken while participating in functions conducted by Decatur Cooperative Ministry or its programs.
(Optional): I would like to receive the monthly DCM News and Needs via email.

Background Check Release

The final step in the volunteer application process is to fill out the Background Check Release form, which you can download here. This form should be faxed or mailed to the DCM offices, as we need your signature to process the check. The information you provide on this form, including your social security number, will be kept with the utmost confidence. All social security numbers are deleted once the background check is complete.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Decatur Cooperative Ministry! If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact our Volunteer and Donations Coordinator, Machelle Scandrett, at 404-377-5365, extension 5 or machelle@decaturcooperativeministry.org.

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