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Economists for Peace and Security is a world-wide organization of professionals, united in the belief that economists can contribute usefully to the pursuit of peace, security, and the conditions for prosperity and development. We hold in particular that the economic dimension of wars, civil conflict, armament and violence should be examined, measured, and exposed to scrutiny. We hope, in so doing, to help to reduce the violence that blights so many human lives and that, in some measure, endangers us all.
      - James K. Galbraith, Chair of the Board of Directors

EPS's efforts depend heavily on the support of its members. By joining today, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to reducing dependence on military power, and to searching for political and institutional change through peaceful democratic processes. Our members contribute not only financially, but also with research, articles, and as speakers at events. By joining us you help to ensure that reasoned perspectives on essential economic issues will continue to be heard.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Our print newsletter, the EPS Quarterly, featuring in-depth articles on the economics of peace, war and security.
  • Our monthly electronic newsletter, NewsNotes.

With these publications you'll always have your finger of the pulse of EPS's work and you'll continually see how your support is essential to the success of our efforts.

Most importantly, you join our global network of concerned academics, researchers, business leaders and people from all segments of society who believe that economists have something valuable to bring to the search for peace on our world.

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We also offer a monthly donor program. Monthly donations save you the hassle of renewing membership and help us plan our budgets and activities accordingly. The minimum credit card charge is $5.00.

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