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Each new year at Gillette College brings new faces, new opportunities, and new successes. This year is no exception as we continue to grow Gillette College into a regional educational center of excellence, providing the best in comprehensive learning experiences for all of our students.

Our substantial growth in enrollment is due in large part to individuals recognizing our exceptional programs and taking advantage of the access we offer to qualify affordable education. Neither of which would be possible without the unique partnerships we have developed and the generosity of so many who continue to support the College, our faculty and staff, and our students. As is the case with any organization when it grows, we are faced with new opportunities almost daily.

The growth we have experienced continues to present us with new opportunities in residential living. Our residence halls fill quickly and we are forced to look at different living arrangements and additional housing opportunities off campus to accommodate the demand. The number of course sections we are able to offer reach capacity quickly, creating some courses that are over-full. The strain on our course sections has resulted in hiring additional full-time faculty and enlarging our pool of adjunct faculty as resources will allow. And of course, anytime you experience the kind of growth we have, there are inherent tensions in our infrastructure, equipment, and even our ability to provide grants and scholarships to needy and deserving students.

Meeting the challenges of new opportunities for the College equates to new opportunities for our Gillette College Foundation. As the Foundation works to respond to the community's efforts in growing a higher education institution of excellence, they have set new priorities and new goals. These priorities and goals can only be met through your continued generosity. If we aspire to grow this College, it means we must continue to work together to enhance our faculty and staff, our programs, our facilities, the access we offer students, and our commitment to excellence. Each of you plays a vital role in this effort.

Our goal is to assure we keep our students at the center of our every effort because we believe every student deserves to succeed. To accomplish this goal we believe it is essential to continue introducing appropriate programs that accommodate local need. We also must continue to enhance our support systems to assist students in achieving their goals. We must minimize the financial barriers students encounter when attempting to realize their educational goals. We need to be a significant contributor to our community whether through supplying a skilled workforce or contributing to our cultural foundation. For Gillette College to continue its momentum in our quest to produce the most enriching college experience possible, we need your continued support.

Growing Gillette College remains a community venture. We hope you will continue to participate in this extremely valuable endeavor.

Mark Englert, Ph.D.
Gillette College Vice President/CEO

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