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In order to further its work of providing equitable access to sustainable transport in developing countries, ITDP forms strategic partnerships with local organizations. In Namibia, a partnership with the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN Namibia) has led to the ongoing delivery of ITDP's "California" Bikes to HIV/AIDS home-based care volunteers and sharing of methodologies for research, monitoring and evaluation and training.

BEN Namibia has distributed over 2,500 bicycles to HIV/AIDS affected communities in Namibia, giving volunteer caregivers much needed transport to provide support, counseling, basic medication and prevention information. A new project provides caregivers with bicycle-towed ambulances specially designed for Namibia's sandy, thorny conditions -- filling a crucial gap in healthcare access in remote communities.

Home based care organisations and orphan support groups are also trained in bicycle mechanics and project management to enable them to run small enterprises providing community bicycle sales and servicing. In a country with a 20 percent HIV/AIDS infection level and a government with limited capacity to cope with the crisis, these organisations serve a vital role, and are composed of over 90 percent women.

Your donation in support of BEN Namibia will help an ITDP partner to empower people at the grassroots level by providing affordable transport and the means to maintain it.

Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by IRS regulations.

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Community development - A $2,500 gift or more will support a Bicycling Empowerment Centre - a containerised bicycle workshop run by community based organisations to provide bicycles to their volunteers and generate income by providing bicycle services.

Women's empowerment - A $1,000 gift will provide comprehensive training in bicycle mechanics for 60 rural women in remote areas of Namibia.

Medical transport - A $550 gift will provide a bicycle ambulance delivered to a remote community, including training in use and management and ongoing field support.

$550 gift - A $250 gift will provide a comprehensive bicycle tool kit and spare parts to enable home based care volunteers to maintain their bicycles and kick start a micro-enterprise.

Mobile healthcare - A $100 gift will pay for a new geared mountain bike for a HIV/AIDS home based care volunteer.

AIDS orphan support - A $50 gift enables BEN Namibia to deliver a refurbished child's bike to a HIV/AIDS orphan to enable them to travel to and from school.

Healthcare support - A $25 gift provides 10 pumps and patch kits to healthcare workers visiting clients in remote communities, allowing them to keep their bikes on the move.

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