Rosh Hashanah Tribute Drive

Support Jewish Family Service during the holidays by sending your friends and family beautiful Rosh Hashanah cards, wishing them a Healthy and Happy New Year.

If you would like to make a tribute over the phone, or if you have any questions, you can call Jenny at (248) 592-2339, or

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Your donations are greatly appreciated and provide the following vital services for members of our community.

  • $25 A driver provides an escorted ride for an older adult to get to dialysis treatment
  • $50 A case manager provides gasoline vouchers for an unemployed client to get to job interviews for a month
  • $90 Four hours of in home care to help an older adult cope and continue to age in place
  • $110 Meals on Wheels delivers 20 kosher meals to a client's home for two weeks
  • $150 Three sessions of counseling to help a family cope with the effects of a parent's job loss

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Your contribution is tax deductible. Thank you!

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