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Student Identification Number

You must have a Student Identification Number to register online. Current students will have received one upon acceptance to the program. If you do not know it, contact the Director of Student Records at 312.212.0672.


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Enter address, city, state and postal code as filed with your financial institution.

Payment Information


Indicate below the type of financial assistance (if any) you will receive in order to reduce the amount charged to your card today.

  • Students who are receiving a federal student loan will be charged only the registration fees.
  • Students who are receiving an institutional tuition reduction award but no federal loan will be charged the registration fees plus 25% of the total tuition.
  • Students who are not receiving any financial aid will be charged registration fees plus 50% of the total tuition.
  • All students who entered a degree program at Meadville Lombard in January 2009 or before should check the box below, "I will receive a Meadville Lombard Tuition Reduction Award." If, however, you are only registering for fee-based courses (CPE, Internship, or Praxis) do NOT check this box.

Student bills will be issued immediately after the add/drop date and will reflect the initial payment along with funds received from a federal student loan, a Meadville Lombard award and charges for any other fees that are due. Payment of that bill will be due upon receipt.

I will receive a Federal Student Loan
I will receive a Meadville Lombard Tuition Reduction Award
I will not receive any financial aid

Only the "Total Billed Today" will be billed to your credit card upon completion of this form. You will receive a separate bill for the rest of your total invoice. Please note that your credit card will be charged this amount when you click the submit button.


If you have questions, please contact the
Director of Student Records at 312.212.0672.