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Student At Large Application

If you are not currently a student at Meadville Lombard and wish to register for classes, please complete the Student At Large application. Please direct any questions about the Student At Large form to the Director of Student Records, 312.212.0672. Once your application for Student At Large status has been approved, you will be given a Student Identification Number and you may continue the registration process.

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Meadville Lombard is welcoming of students whose sex or gender identities are outside the mainstream and we remain committed to an inclusive community. We only offer the male and female options under the sex category because educational reports required from Meadville Lombard by state and federal entities are formatted around these two options.

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Your Student Identification Number will be sent to the email address provided above within three to five working days with registration instructions. If you have any questions, contact the Director of Student Records at 312.212.0672.