The Northshore Concert Band - Evanston, Illinois - Dr. Mallory Thompson, Artistic Director
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The financial generosity of individuals like you makes the Northshore Concert Band's many musical and educational activities possible. To make a contribution, send a check (made payable to Northshore Concert Band) to 1555 Sherman Ave. #315, Evanston, IL 60201, or make your gift now through our secure and reliable webpage using a major credit card.

The NCB is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Your gift of $500 or more includes membership in the Paynter Society. Click here to learn more.

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Thank you for considering giving to The Northshore Concert Band. You may want to share in our commitment to musical excellence by supporting our general operating budget or designating your donation for the sponsorship of a specific NCB musician or program.

I would like to direct my donation to the NCB's general operating fund in support of musical excellence and artistry.

Sustaining Member - $5,000
Advocate - $1,000
Benefactor - $500
Associate - $250
Patron - $100
Contributor - $50
Other Amount $ .00

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I would like to designate my donations for a specific NCB Sponsorship Opportunity.

$2,500 Sponsors the Conductor's Podium for the entire 2017-18 Season
$1,500 Sponsors the Conductor's Podium for one (1) 2017-18 Season concert.
$400 Sponsors a Musician's Chair for the entire 2017-18 Season.
$150 Sponsors an NCB Musician's Chair and a middle school student's "Lifetime of Music" Chair
$100 Sponsors a Musician's Chair for one (1) concert.

If sponsoring a Musician's Chair in the Band, please indicate one of the following:
I am proud to sponsor band member (please specify name):
I am proud to sponsor any band member available

  All contributions are acknowledged in our concert program books. Please select this box if you would prefer that your gift remain anonymous.

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Thank you for your support. An email message will confirm this transaction.

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