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From Broadway to Hollywood
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Lynch, Conductor
Broadway and Hollywood - two icons of American musical culture. Along with jazz, music for stage and film has been a uniquely American contribution to the history of music in the twentieth century. Join the Northshore Concert Band as they take you on a wonderful musical tour from Broadway to Hollywood!
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Sleigh Ride
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, Conductor
The Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, conductor. A spirited recording of twelve Christmas tunes by one of America's outstanding community bands, the Northshore Concert Band. Founded by the late John P. Paynter, this CD gives us a fine recorded example of this bands' tradition of musical excellence.
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American Emblems
Northshore Concert Band, Stephen G. Peterson, Conductor
A selection of significant compositions written specifically for concert band by prominent American composers.
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Stars and Stripes - Music For A Summer Evening
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, Conductor
A summer band family style menu of lively marches, stirring patriotic favorites, guest soloists, medleys of show tunes, a sobering chorale, and classic barn burners.
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The Paynter Years
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, Conductor
A fine collection of live performances over a period of forty years by this famed community band.
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Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, Conductor
A selection of original compositions for concert band by contemporary composers, performed by the Northshore Concert Band under the direction of John P. Paynter.
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European Tradition
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Paynter, Conductor
A collection of transcribed treasures from every corner of Europe and the British Empire.
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2001 Midwest Clinic
Northshore Concert Band, John P. Lynch, Conductor plus many special guest conductors
A live recording of the NCB's performance at the 2001 Midwest Clinic, featuring outstanding guest artists including the legendary vocalist William Warfield, Steven Mead on euphonium, and guest conductors Mallory Thompson, Lawrence Stoffel, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, and Ray Cramer.
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On the Path to Excellence
The Northshore Concert Band: Paynter, Buehlman and Beyond (book)
by William S. Carson

From its humble beginnings in 1956, to triumphant concerts in France and at the MidWest Clinic in 2001, the Northshore Concert Band has led an existence full of interesting twists and turns. How did this group of eleven American Legion musicians evolve into one of the most influential adult bands in history? What lessons can conductors, performers, and administrators learn from the struggles and triumphs of this prominent band? What inspiration is to be gained from observing the band's tenacity in the face of adversity? Follow the story of John Paynter, Barbara Buehlman, and many other important musicians as they guide the Northshore Concert Band on the path to excellence.
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