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2013 - 2014 Housing Preference Form

Spring '13 Fall '13 Spring '14

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Early Decision Admission
Transfer Student
English Language School Student
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Residence Hall Preferences

If you are NOT planning to live on campus, you do not need to complete the "Residence Hall Preferences," "Residence Hall Options and Room and Board Rates" or the "Roommate Preference Information" sections. You are only required to submit your $200 enrollment deposit to reserve your place in the class.

If you plan to live on campus, please complete all of the sections below. Your enrollment deposit is $400 .

Please note some residence halls and room sizes might not be available. While we strive to place first year and transfer students in all four main residence halls, most of our new students will be housed in McCandless Hall. The availability of triple and quad rooms might also be limited.

Please number residence halls in order of preference
(#1 as most desirable, through #4):

Please number room size in order of preference
(#1 as most desirable, through #4):

Residence Hall Room size

Residence Hall Options and Room and Board Rates

Following are the residence hall options and average combined room and board rates for the 2012-2013 academic year. Rates for the 2013-14 year will be determined in April and will be mailed to you as soon as they are available.

Room assignments are made on a first-come, first served basis. The sooner the Office of Admission receives this form and your $400 enrollment deposit, the more likely it is that your preference will be granted. The Department of Residence Life and Community Standards will make every effort to grant your choice of room size and roommate; however, they cannot guarantee that you will receive your preference. Once you have been assigned a room, there will be no room changes until the official room change in the fall.

Le Mans, Holy Cross, McCandless,and Regina Halls
Single* $10,290
Double $9,890
Triple $9,290
Quad $8,790
*limited availability

Roommate(s) Preference Information

To assist with matching you with a roommate(s), please answer the following questions by checking a response. Please keep in mind that even with the following answers we cannot guarantee complete matches. Your answers will be kept confidential.

Yes No
* Smoking is not permitted in any residence hall.

Yes No

Yes No

I go to bed before 10 pm
I go to bed between 10pm-12 midnight
I go to bed between 12 midnight-2 am
I go to bed after 2 am

I like to get up early
I like to sleep in
My schedule always varies

No noise
A little background noise
A lot of background noise
I plan to study elsewhere (i.e. lounge or library)

What's mine is yours
You can usually use my things; ask first
I prefer it if people not use my things

Clean and organized
Clean, but not necessarily organized
Who has time to clean?

*Due to limited number of triples and quads, you may only list one roommate and both persons must request each other.

Yes No

If you have questions regarding housing, please contact the Department of Residence Life and Community Standards at (574) 284-4522, or go to

Student Information
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Payment Information
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Deposit Amount *       $200 (Living off Campus) $400 (Living on Campus)

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