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Become a member of Supporting Our Sons... it's free!

Join Supporting Our Sons as we embark on an ambitious campaign to change the way boys are treated in our society and protect our children from outdated stereotypes -- and the risk of violence because of them.

SOS is dedicated to:

1) Supporting the emotional health of our sons;
2) Offering boys an alternative to violence (either against themselves or against others) in their efforts to communicate their feelings;
3) Breaking down barriers for boys;
4) Re-envisioning boyhood for the 21st century.

SOS will achieve its goals by:

1) Serving as a resource for parents, educators, health professionals and others who are looking to support a new ideal for boys at home, in the classroom and on the playing field;
2) Working at the local, state and national level to serve as advocates for boys;
3) Developing programs such as our Parents Advocacy Network that helps others to look beyond current stereotypes to a new vision of boyhood.

Pledge to make a difference in your son's life today -- become an SOS member.

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SOS Member’s Pledge

As a member of SOS I pledge to:

  • Send an email to five friends inviting them to join me and SOS in our efforts to break down barriers for boys
  • Establish regular opportunities to give my son, and/or other boys I know, my undivided attention
  • Allow my son, and/or other boys I know, to express all their feelings, whether of courage and strength or fear and sadness
  • Discuss bullying and school violence with all my children
  • Talk candidly about the "Boy Code" (how boy behavoir is constrained in the classroom, on the playing field and in the media) and the narrow view our society has of what is acceptable behavior in boys and men

While membership to SOS is free, please consider making a $25.00 donation to cover administrative costs and mailings.
Thank you!

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We honor the sensitive issues our members share with each other and are committed to your privacy. We will NOT share your personal information with other members or organizations.There is not a membership fee for Supporting Our Sons. Our organization is funded by voluntary donations and grants.

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