eTapestry eCommerce Edit Order Form

Please use this form to submit an online order for a minor edit of your eTapestry custom ecommerce page.

By submitting this online order form, you agree to the attached Scope of Work and the Blackbaud Professional Services Terms of Service. Upon submission, you will receive a copy of your edit order, Scope of Work and Terms of Service.

eCommerce Edit Scope of Work Blackbaud Professional Services Terms of Service

Edits are billed at a rate of $200 an hour with a $100 minimum. If a submitted edit will exceed 2 hours of developer time, we will contact you before we begin the project.

If you are based in the European Union and would like your page updated to follow Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) laws, please submit an edit request using this form to add Blackbaud Checkout. If you have additional questions, please contact your Account Executive directly or email For non-European Union customers, we will let you know when it is available for you to request.

Edit Completion Schedule:
If you need this edit completed on a specific day or by a specific date, please let us know. We cannot guarantee completion by your date on short notice, so please plan accordingly.

Estimated completion timeline:
Minor edits:
Edits (what is minor?) will be completed within 5 business days of submission based on developer availability.
Larger edits:Larger edits (what is larger?) will be completed within 5-10 business days based on complexity and developer availability. The ecommerce team will review the edit request and provide a completion date based on the level of complexity and date needed.

A minor edit is something like a simple change of a fund, address, event dates, text, etc. Does not generally need any functionality changes.

A larger edit is something like changing the design of the page, adding a new section, changing multiple prices and/or dates. Will usually require functionality changes and a longer testing period.

Having Trouble With Your Page?

If you have an issue with your page, please provide as many details as possible in your submission. We will research the cause of the problem and contact you regarding whether or not edit fees will apply.

New Page/Re-Skin

Need a new ecommerce page or need to update an existing ecommerce page with a new website design? Please email for pricing and options.

What would you like to do?

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What's the issue?

Please explain the issue with as many details as possible including:

  • Specific error messages and codes
  • Steps that generated the error
  • Browser and operating system used
  • Transaction record in your database associated with the error
Please explain any errors or issues.
eCommerce Page URL

Please include the link/URL of your eCommerce page


If you have multiple ecommerce page URLs, you may include more than one. Please separate multiple pages with a ";" semi-colon

Please include the link/URL of your eCommerce page.
You cannot edit the contents of a DIY form. Please include a custom ecommerce page URL.
Enable Support Access to your eTapestry database
We cannot begin your work without access to your eTapestry database, unless your change is only a text change. Upon submitting this order, please follow these instructions to enable support access:
  1. Login to eTapestry
  2. Click Management > My Organization
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Scroll down to Blackbaud Support Access, click "Edit Support Access Status"
  5. Mark the Access enabled box – access will be enabled for a week
  6. Click Save And button
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