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To apply please see our positions descriptions in the FAQ and then fill out the questionnaire below.  You will receive an invitation (not an automatic reply) to attend the upcoming training session about two weeks beforehand.


Training sessions run all day on a Saturday, from 9am to 5pm.


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Training costs $120 + the cost of becoming a supporter. If you are not a current student you will still need to pay the entire supporter fee. We offer generous payment plans for people accepted into the course who are not able to pay the fee immediatley.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit at 2SER?

We usually ask for half to one day a week for on-air related roles. You should be at the station when your show goes to air but a lot of the preparation can be done from home. Work arangements are flexible and we can find positions for people who work during the week or who need to contribute once a fortnight rather than weekly.


What kind of availabilities do I need to volunteer at 2SER?

Most of our positions require some work between 6am and 6pm on a weekday. There are some roles that are available on weekend mornings and weekday evenings but these are limited, please contact and if you have severely limited availabilities during weekdays so we can assist you in finding the right position. Whichever show you nominate as your preference you should be available for at least four hours around that broadcast time on the day. For example, if you nominate The Daily as the program you would like to volunteer on, you must be available from at least 8.30am until 12.30pm on your nominated day. Breakfast - 5.30am to 9.30am. Drive - 3pm to 6.30pm.


How long do I need to stay at the station?

We ask that you commit for at least three months, we find that people don't get a lot out of a position if they do not stay for at least a few months. We have people who stay for the minimum time and others that have been at the station for over 30 years, it really depends on what you want to do here. You could spend a lifetime at 2SER and still never do everything that's available at the station.


What kind of roles are available?

In your application you can nominate the roles you are most interested in, this does not lock you into a role but it helps us understand what you would like to do at the station.


Breakfast Producers 
Volunteering on the 2SER Breakfast means working alongside our wonderful Breakfast hosts and helping out on a show revolving around weekly segments, interviews and giveaways. You'll need to be an early-riser, with the Breakfast show running from 6am – 9am daily and 7am – 10am weekends. You will also need to:

  • Based at our Broadway studios
  • Pitch story ideas
  • Write scripts
  • Organise and occasionally conduct interviews
  • Update website and engage with social media
  • Be self-sufficient, as Breakfast teams are often small


Producer for The Daily
The Daily is our morning magazine program, it's chock full of interviews covering the latest in news and current affairs as well as exposing you to new ideas that you wont find in the newspaper today. We cover everything from science and tech to politics, health, arts and more! We need producers who will come with ideas for the show and then keep this busy slot flowing smoothly, The Daily broadcasts from 9am to 12pm daily. You will need to:

  • Based at our Broadway or Macquarie studios
  • Pitch story ideas
  • Contribute to editorial meetings
  • Write scripts
  • Line up interview subjects
  • Conduct interviews
  • Organise the broadcast
  • Update the website and social media


Producer for Drive
Drive is an upbeat show that helps people get home after their busy days. It  focusses on music, events, band interviews and interesting ideas. The program runs from 4 - 6pm and features a mix of music and interviews. Producers will assist with music research, find story ideas, lock in talent and manage the website.

  • Based at our Broadway or Macquarie studios
  • Pitch story ideas
  • Contribute to editorial meetings
  • Write scripts
  • Line up interview subjects
  • Conduct interviews
  • Organise the broadcast
  • Update the website and social media


The 2SER newsroom is always looking for people to help out during the morning news broadcasts. This is a very intensive position with limited places that involves researching the headlines and stories of the day to be read out on air every half hour throughout the Breakfast and Daily programs, 6am – 12pm. There are two shifts, 5am – 8:30am and 8:30am – 12pm, which will rotate on a week-by-week basis (Although allowances can be made for people who need to travel or have reasons they can only do one shift). You will need to be able to:

  • Based at our Broadway studios
  • Research news items quickly
  • Write concise, informative news blurbs quickly and accurately
  • Read confidently on air
  • Edit audio
  • Be an early riser!
  • Have a good general knowledge


Specialty Talks Producer or Reporter
We're looking for people who can get down and dirty with a topic. We have a variety of half hour talk shows that can take on more producers and reporters. You'll be looking for ideas each week and putting together stories that don't just follow the stories you see in the media but that stay one step ahead. We have slots open in a variety of shows, we offer full training and guidance, even if you fear you do no have enough knowledge on any subject but are interested do not hesitate to apply. These show run in smaller more independent teams, you may be organising the team one week and creating a report on an issue the next. These roles are based at our Broadway studios initially; content can later be produced at the Macquarie studios. If you're interested in this role please tell us which show interest you in your application: 

  • Razor's Edge (local current affairs)
  • Final Draft (books)
  • So Hot Right Now (arts and culture)
  • On The Money (economics)
  • The Wire (national current affairs),  positions are extremely limited, please let us know you are interested but a rotation through another show will normally be needed before joining the program
  • Other (check our program guide)


Social Media and Online Content Producers 
We're looking for people who want to assist with our website and social media, both to repurpose and promote our radio content as well as creating original work for the website, we need:

  • Producers to repurpose content and optimise it for the internet
  • Writers for creating original feature content
  • Social media producers who can engage with our audience online
  • Photographers
  • Video Makers


Specialist Music Shows
This training course does not cover creating a specialist music show but we'd like to know if you're interested in making one in the future. If you have an idea now you can find out how to pitch a stand alone program above but you can also pitch programs once you have become a volunteer and worked on other shows.


We also need people in a range of activities across the station - event management, marketing and communications, research, fundraising, art and design, website admin, IT. Tell us what skills you can bring to 2SER!



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