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The Celebrating Age Awards has been created by Age UK Isle of Wight to honour the wonderful older people of our Island and all of the good work that they do.


You can help celebrate their achievement by nominating them for a Celebrating Age Award in one of the following categories.

Nomination & Award Categories


Age Friendly Entrepreneur - supported by IW Chamber of Commerce

Someone over 50 has made a big contribution to Island business.


Age Friendly Contribution to the Community - supported by Southern Vectis

Someone over 50 who has devoted their time and effort to changing the lives of others or has impacted the community in a significant way.


Age Friendly Arm in Arm - supported by Southern Housing Group

An older adult or group of people who work together across generations or who contributes towards bridging the gap between young and older people.


Age Friendly Impact - supported by Mia

An older person who is selflessly making a difference to other people's lives or has impacted the Island in a positive way over the years.


Age Friendly Challenge of the Year - supported by Sainsbury’s

An older person who overcame a serious challenge and showed courage and determination to inspire others.


Age Friendly Volunteer - supported by Red Funnel

Someone who devoted his/her time to volunteering and helping others.


Age Friendly Team - supported by Stylish Windows

A Group of older adults who worked together to do something outstanding.


Age Friendly Active Person - supported by Tesco

Someone over 50 who continues to be dedicated to and passionate about sport or has achieved great things by crossing the finish line the finish line in a physical activity.

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  • Age Friendly Entrepreneur
  • Age Friendly Contribution to the Community
  • Age Friendly Arm in Arm
  • Age Friendly Impact
  • Age Friendly Challenge of the Year
  • Age Friendly Volunteer
  • Age Friendly Team
  • Age Friendly Active Person
Why you feel your nominee deserves the award? Please give as much detail as you can:
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Closing date for all nominations is Friday 3rd August 2018.


All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Celebrating Age Awards Ceremony at The Lakeside Spa & Hotel on Thursday 4th October 2018.

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