Great Garden Restoration Project - 2017-2022



The gardens of the American Rose Center, now known as “America’s Rose Garden” was created in 1972. The American Rose Center is the national headquarters of the American Rose Society, and the nation’s largest park dedicated to roses. It is an educational resource, a nature retreat, an event venue, and a showcase for the Rose, America’s National Floral Emblem. At the planned completion date of our project, we will celebrate the garden’s 50thyear! Let’s look forward to that celebration together!


In 2016, after 44 years of ever-encroaching pines, root intrusion, soil depletion, reduced sunlight and deer invasion, the Gardens at the American Rose Center were tired, old and suffering. Realizing the value of the gardens to the mission of the society, and our need to fulfill the promise of the gardens made so many years before, the American Rose Center Committee and a Task Force for Restoration—all volunteers—took on the responsibility for the state of the gardens.


A five-year Master Plan was created, and the GREAT GARDEN RESTORATION PROJECT 2017-2022 was launched. The plan called for the consolidation of many of the scattered gardens into one impactful and singularly beautiful core garden. The new gardens will be unique in that they will tell the ‘History of the Rose in America’, featuring the stories that shaped the incredible history of the Rose.


The new gardens are made up of four large circles, at varying ground levels, that are reminiscent of the gears of a vintage timepiece. As one steps into the first circle, he will be surrounded by the most striking and colorful modern roses. From there, each circle will take him back in time, to discover the rich history of the world’s favorite flower, until finally, he emerges to find himself in the area of the earliest roses of all—the species roses that were found in the wilds of China centuries ago.


The Master Plan, in its immediate and long-term goals, provides for new revenue sources; educational elements and activities; outreach to other groups; new and interesting plantings that will enhance and provide backgrounds for the garden’s roses; proper signage that will provide education, recognition for donors and direction; and a registry of all botanical species in the gardens.

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