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During the celebration of the 150th anniversary, a capital campaign developed into an internal grant program. This fund has grown through contributions from the 3-year “150 Club” campaign run by the Foundation, 2017 Slet banquet proceeds, and other grants on record which the Executive Board allowed to be moved/reallocated. The fund has awarded over $80,000 to units since its inception. The business goal is to “GROW” this program, so it becomes an endowment that grants money to units annually. By 2022, $250,000 is the goal allowing at least $10,000 annually to be distributed. Grants have assisted more than 15 different units with gymnastic equipment; energy-saving projects; assistance after tragic environment events (hurricane, flooding, etc.); fire safety, parking pavement repair; gym heaters; kitchen convection ovens; storage; etc. Contributors include Western Fraternal Life. Currently an application for the 2019 Czech Ministry has been made.

Gateway to the Future
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Established in 1960, this fund provides financial assistance for the training and education of youth members to become able administrators, advocates and instructors of American Sokol. The FSLF has contributed to the success of the American Sokol National Instructor School and has funded the annual Merit Awards through the Education Committee of American Sokol, which provides financial assistance toward College Educations. By 2022 or sooner the Foundation Committee’s goal is to have this fund at the endowment level of $500,000 while continuing to award up to $20,000 in grants to the Instructor’s School, Merit Awards, and similar programming.  The application for these grants takes place each summer and is managed by the FSLF Administrator, Sister Maryann Fiordelis (as of 7/2015 appointment through the Financial Secretary SOP III. C. 1. 1/26/2016) who holds a seat on the ASO Foundation Committee with a vote. This fund holds several different grants received from both inside ASO and outside such as those from the Czech Ministry and Bridgestone-Firestone.

Future Sokol Leaders Fund
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Donor money started in the early 1990’s for use by ASO committees, events, etc.  In 2014, with the accumulation of over $200,000 money was moved to an investment instrument with medium risk.  A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP II. B. 5. E. 9/22/2015) was written stating calculations on annual release of money for internal grants. The foundation committee decides the goal of annual fund available at their 4th quarter meeting each year. Needs Executive Board (EB) approval to utilize. In 2019, budget was established for units/districts to apply for a grant and utilize towards certification, teaching materials etc….this was done on the advisement of the Executive Board Risk Management Committee.

Foundation Endowment Fund
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Over the 150-year history of the American Sokol has developed a collection of “treasures” which are significant to its history. During 2017 through an internal grant Pastperfect software which stores in a data-base artifacts, documents, photographs, artwork, library books, Sokol manuals, Slet memorabilia, and more has been utilized to record over 2,500 items as of the end of 2018. Special acid-resistant containers and museum quality equipment were purchased through the initial grant. A curator for the collection was found and initially paid through the internal grant. This ongoing project requires further cash flow to repair, secure, store, catalogue, etc. and continue to employ a part-time curator. Czech Ministry grant funds were applied for in 2019 for some of the artifacts to become a traveling exhibit. The Education Director, Sister Sue Bares and the educational committee manage this program. Should you have items to contribute please contact the Sokol Offices for direction @708/255-5397. We wish to thank many members for their contributions to this very historic documentary of the American Sokol history.

Library, Archival, and Traveling Exhibit Fund
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The American Sokol Organization regularly receives donations through the annual gift programming (“SEALS”) program; members, friends, and relatives choosing to give memorials and or tributes; Special occasion events which may be towards the merit scholarships; etc.



ANNUITY GIFTS - Support the American Sokol with a Charitable Gift Annuity and receive steady income for life.  You may also receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for your gift.  

The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows those 70 ½ and older to donate as much as $100,000 of IRA account assets each year directly to one or more public charities.  Your donation will count as part of your required annual IRA payout and must be made directly to a charity, not a donor-advised fund or grant-making foundation, to quality. To learn more, please contact us via e-mail at or Sister Meribeth Tooke, Foundation Director at, or by calling the office at (708) 255-5397 or Sister Meribeth (708) 721-3196, or by consulting your financial advisor or bank/investment institution.  Please indicate how this type of donation can be acknowledged. 



All donations above $25 will be acknowledged in writing for your documentation/verification. Beginning with the 1994 tax year, the Internal Revenue Service requires non-profit organizations to provide donors with a good faith estimate of the value of any benefits received as a result of their contribution.  When a donor calculates a charitable contribution deduction, the value of any related benefits received by the donor must be subtracted from the amount of the contribution.  If a benefit is immediately known, it is listed.  Benefits considered insubstantial by the IRS (consult applicable regulations for the current year) do not need to be considered when determining the tax deductibility of a contribution.  Please consult your tax advisor with any specific questions or concerns

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