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The 150 year history of Sokol is a treasure that few organizations can truly understand. This fund was established to financially support the cataloging, preservation and display of archival documents, photos, art, books, collections, merchandise, technical material and articles that are inherently valuable and significant to Sokol, its founders, members, history, culture, philosophy and creed. Today the American Sokol Library and Archival Museum is located in the National Office. If you would like to plan a visit, please contact the National Office for an appointment. 

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Established in the early 1990's, this fund provides new programs and activities to the Community and our Membership, in order to preserve and expand the Sokol traditions of Education, Fun, Friendship and Community. The Foundation is an endowment fund and the useable annual allocation is a published process conducted by the American Sokol Treasurer.


Gateway to the Future utilizes funds to awards grants to American Sokol units and district corporations. The Executive Board directed grant committee processes the requests. 


The 150 Club was instituted by the Foundation Committee to honor the American Sokol Corporation's 150th anniversary on February 14, 2015.  American Sokol is the only Czech-based non-profit corporation in America to reach this anniversary plateau!  Contributions by Executive Board vote are distributed to other funds such as the Future Sokol Leaders Fund. 

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Established in 1960, this fund provides financial assistance for the training and education of youth members to become able administrators, advocates and instructors of American Sokol. The FSLF has contributed to the success of the American Sokol National Instructor School, National Sokol Camp and has funded many Merit Awards, which provided financial assistance toward College Educations. 

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ANNUITY GIFTS - Support the American Sokol with a Charitable Gift Annuity and receive steady income for life.  You may also receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for your gift.  

IRA ROLLOVER GIFTS - The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows those 70 ½ and older to donate as much as $100,000 of IRA account assets each year directly to one or more public charities.  Your donation will count as part of your required annual IRA payout and must be made directly to a charity, not a donor-advised fund or grant-making foundation, to quality. To learn more, please contact us via e-mail at, calling the office at 708/255-5397, or by consulting your financial advisor or bank/investment institution.  Please indicate how this type of donation can be acknowledged.



All donations above $25 will be acknowledged in writing for your documentation/verification. Beginning with the 1994 tax year, the Internal Revenue Service requires non-profit organizations to provide donors with a good faith estimate of the value of any benefits received as a result of their contribution.  When a donor calculates a charitable contribution deduction, the value of any related benefits received by the donor must be subtracted from the amount of the contribution.  If a benefit is immediately known, it is listed.  Benefits considered insubstantial by the IRS (consult applicable regulations for the current year) do not need to be considered when determining the tax deductibility of a contribution.  Please consult your tax advisor with any specific questions or concerns

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