Apples and Snakes can help you find the perfect artist for your needs


To help us provide you with the best service please complete this enquiry form as fully and in as much detail as possible.


Once your form has been received we will contact you to match you with the artist best suited to your needs and to agree all the details for your event.


Our standard fees for artists are £215 per half day (up to 2 hours total delivery time) or £335 for a full day (up to 4 hours total delivery time).  These timings can be stretched, to a full school day for example, so long as the artist has enough breaks in between and is happy with the terms of the booking. A one off performance without workshops costs £135.


Some of our artists do charge slightly more and in some cases it may be necessary to add travel costs for the artists.


Please note that submitting this form does not constitute a confirmed booking and Apples and Snakes cannot guarantee that your preferred artist or any appropriate alternative artist will be available on the dates requested.


If you have any questions about your booking, please contact our Assistant Producer Adrian at or call him on 020 8465 6146.


If you are interested in hiring an artist as an ongoing artist in residence or as a collaborator on a longer term project please do still complete the form in as much detail as possible.

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About the Event - Basic Information

We will work with you to create a detailed schedule for your booking but please tell us here what type of event (e.g. Workshop, Performance etc...) and whether you have confirmed dates and times. If known please also supply an estimated overall number of participants/audience that you expect. 

Proposed Dates
Proposed Times - Please let us know the planned schedule for the event in as much detail as possible. (NB If you are planning more than one session on the day please supply the start and finish time for each session).
Estimated Number of Participants/Audience

About the Event - Artists

Apples and Snakes aims to ensure that we send you the artist that best meets your needs.  The information you provide here and in the sections that follow will help us to give you a more efficient service.  This section focuses on the type of artist you want for your event, if you are unsure about any of these questions just leave them blank and we can take you through all the options when we contact you.

If you know of a particular artist(s) that you think would be ideal please add their names here.
Preferred Artist Style/ Skills Set
  • Rapper
  • Performance Poet
  • Storyteller
Preferred Gender
  • Male
  • Female
  • No Preference

About the Event - Participants/Attenders

Additional information on those who will be participating on a workshop or attending a performance can help us in making recomendations on which artist would be best for your event. Once again if you are not sure who will be attending or participanting in your event just leave this section blank and we will go through this when we contact you.  

Please tell us here if the participants/audience will have any shared ages, gender or cultural backgrounds.
To your knowledge how many of the participants/audience ever been to a previous Apples and Snakes event?
If known please tell us how many of the participants/audience attending the event are working through an Arts Award programme?
Please provide any other information about the participants/audience that you think is relevant for your event.

About the Event - Themes/Aims

Please tell us if you have any specific themes that you need the artist to work on during the event.  Please also tell us if you have any specific aims, objectives or outcomes that you want to achieve from the event.


Please leave a section blank if you are unsure and we will work with you to fomulate these objectives if required over the phone. 

Project/Workshop Themes
Workshop/Project Aims, Objectives and Outcomes

About the Venue

Please tell us about the venue for the event.  This information helps us to select local artist's where available and to ensure that as far as possible your event runs smoothly on the day.

Event Venue - Name and Address
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Telephone Number
Nearest Train Station
Travel Time - Station to Venue (Please state which kind of transport and provide further information as required)

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