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To be considered, volunteers must complete this online application in full. Once processed, staff will contact you within 5 business days.  


Please note, we do not always have volunteer openings, and we will contact you as soon as we do.


If you are looking to sign up for our Guest Chef Program, please e-mail

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For the safety of staff, clients and other volunteers, Ascencia performs a background check on all volunteers.   

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I hereby allow Ascencia to perform a background check.  I understand that if I refuse, I will not be permitted to volunteer at Ascencia.


I further understand that all information collected will be kept confidential. 

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 Ascencia's Volunteer Program Policies


 I, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ (Name Below.), have read Ascencia’s Volunteer Program Policies and am fully informed about my responsibilities and boundaries.  I agree to abide by these policies.  Furthermore, I will strive to meet my responsibilities with integrity and professionalism and I will assume personal responsibility for the commitments I make.


I understand I am joining Ascencia as a volunteer and that if I have any questions or concerns I will report to:


Genesis Pineda

 (818) 246-7900 ext. 113

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Ascencia’s volunteer Program



  1. I will always be respectful to clients, visitors and staff at Ascencia.
  2. I will politely decline gifts from clients.
  3. I will not give or loan money to clients under any circumstances.
  4. I will not give borrow or accept money from clients under any circumstances.
  5. I will not loan or borrow personal items to or from a client.
  6. I will not allow a client to hold or take responsibility for my personal property.
  7. I will not hold or take responsibility for a client’s personal property.
  8. I will not ask for special favors or do special favors for clients.
  9. I will not invite a client to my home.
  10. I will not give my home address to clients.
  11. I will not give any personal information such as, home phone, cell, fax or email addresses to clients under any circumstances.
  12. I will not transport a client in a private vehicle under any circumstances.
  13. I will not accept a ride from a client under any circumstances.
  14. I will not discuss my personal feelings about clients and/or staff at anytime.
  15. I will not discuss my personal life with clients.
  16. I will not arrange to meet a client anywhere outside of the work environment.
  17. I understand if I unexpectedly happen to meet a client away from work and they acknowledge me or initiate a conversation, I must maintain my professional relationship with him or her.
  18. I will not engage in any kind of sexual relations or intimacy with clients under any circumstances.
  19. I will not engage in discussions about sexual matters without a specific, clinical objective.
  20. I understand that it is my responsibility to immediately inform my supervisor if I violate a boundary for any reason.
  21. I understand it is my obligation to immediately inform my supervisor if I have knowledge of a co-worker who violates a boundary at anytime.
  22. I agree to Ascencia conducting a background check if deemed necessary due to the nature of my direct involvement with clients during the course of my volunteer duties.
  23. I understand I am providing my volunteer services to Ascencia as a volunteer; I am NOT an employee of Ascencia nor do my volunteer hours constitute an employment contract or other such arrangement. Therefore, I understand I will not be compensated for my volunteer time.

Thank you!

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