Third-Party Events & Fundraisers


After you have reviewed the Third-Party Fundraiser Guidelines, please complete the application below and submit at least 30 days prior to your event. Once received and reviewed, an employee from BARCS will contact you.

Confirm Email*
Event Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Name of Event
Description of Event, including activities that will take place
Time of Event
Location of Event
Purpose of the Event
Is there an admission charge or requested donation to attend the event?
  • Yes
  • No
If yes, what is the charge?
Are there any event sponsors? If yes, please list:
Will businesses be solicited? If yes, who?
List other nonprofit groups that are being invited to participate:
Are you requesting attendance from BARCS staff or volunteers? If yes, please explain:
How many attendees do you expect?
Describe the expected audience/attendees (age range, demographics, etc.)

Example: We expect 150 elementary-school aged children and their parents from the Baltimore area to attend.

How will you promote the event?

Please submit marketing materials to BARCS for approval prior to promotion!

Do you need a copy of the BARCS logo?
  • Yes
  • No
How will it be used?
How will funds be generated for BARCS? (check all that apply)
  • Ticket Sales/Entry Fee
  • Donations
  • Percentage of Sales
  • Other
If you chose "other" please explain:
Projected Income from Your Event (number only, no $ symbol):
Projected Expenses from Your Event (number only, no $ symbol):
Percentage of Proceeds BARCS will Receive (number only, no % symbol):
Additional Comments


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