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Please indicate below that you have read and agree to follow Bridget's Cradles COVID-19 Policies & Guidelines provided to you in the invitation email we sent to you. If you did not receive the guidelines, please email us at info@bridgetscradles.com and we will email them to you. PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to volunteers attending the work-night.
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*If you are attending the work night ONLY, you can now submit this form. You do NOT need to complete the section below unless you are a home sewer or helper needing to pick-up/drop-off/exchange cradles or a project.


Please complete the questions below to exchange/drop-off/pick-up cradles or a project. Thank you!

Are you a sewing volunteer or home helper (non-sewing) volunteer?
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If you plan to drop-off, pick-up, or exchange cradles or a project, please indicate what you plan to do.
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If you are exchanging or picking up cradles or a project, please mark what you would like to pick up?
If your first choice of a project/cradles is not available, please mark ALL other projects/cradles you are willing to help with or sew. Thank you!
If picking up cradles, how many cradles would you like to pick up?
If picking up cradles to sew, do you need any supplies? (If you have your own, please mark NO). Please mark all that apply. If you need to request SPECIFIC supplies (e.g., large silver crosses, angel charms, blue ribbon), please type your response in the OTHER option.
Other Supplies Needed

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