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Sustaining Membership

The beauty of Sustaining Membership is that it gives you choice in your level of support—divided into twelve monthly payments automatically billed to your credit/debit card. What that means for Bunny Buddies is a steady monthly cash flow that we can budget and rely upon. Of course, you can change your membership pledge at any time, as your personal circumstances change.



I—Peter Rabbit ($5/month)
Beatrix Potter's work has been uniquely influential in shaping a positive perception of our wonderful long-eared furry friends. Your membership at this level can help perpetuate that sentiment. Level One Membership at this Sustaining Member level more than triples your financial impact on Bunny Buddies' lifesaving work (as compared with the Basic Individual Membership) at the monthly price of a cup of coffee.
II—Energizer Bunny ($15/month)
Like the Energizer Bunny, who keeps going and going and going, by becoming a Sustaining Member at this level you will keep giving and giving and giving. Sustaining Membership at this level can provide spay/neuter and pain medications (at our negotiated prices with partner veterinarians) for one foster bunny.
III—Hazel & Fiver ($25/month)
In the amazing novel, "Watership Down" by Richard Adams, bunny brothers Hazel and Fiver lead a herd of bunnies from impending doom to salvation. In similar fashion, your membership at this Sustaining Membership level will pay for blood work and diagnostic testing for one medically at-risk foster bunny.
IV—Velveteen Rabbit ($50/month)
In Margery Williams' book, a stuffed rabbit longs to be made "real" through the love of his human. At this Sustaining Membership level, your love will cover the expenses for one of Bunny Buddies' extraordinary Spay/Neuter Internship surgery days. That's preventing a lot of undesirable hormonal behaviors, reproductive cancers, and unwanted litters! This kind of love will make real the chance of a happy and healthy life for multiple foster bunnies.
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  • Peter Rabbit ($5/month)
  • Energizer Bunny ($15/month)
  • Hazel & Fiver ($25/month)
  • Velveteen Rabbit ($50/month)
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