Volunteer Clean-Up


April 29, 2021

9:00am – 12:30pm

Help us remove litter and debris from Warwick Road, a future public park 



Join us on Thursday morning, April 29th, to help clean-up a future public park along Warwick Road in South Richmond. The 13-acre property contains portions of Grindall Creek, an important tributary to the James River. As a future public park, the property will provide green space access for over a thousand people who live within 10-minutes’ walking distance of the area. Many of these individuals live in the Deerbourne and Walmsley neighborhoods, where public open space is currently unavailable.




In November 2020, the Wilton Family gifted 13 wooded acres of the Warwick Road property along Grindall Creek to CRLC to be protected in perpetuity. CRLC will work to transfer the property to the City of Richmond under a conservation easement. The Walton’s gift will provide the community with open space for a public park. With input from the neighborhood, the City will design the park to meet the shared goals of the community which could include  trails, a possible greenway with shared-use paths, or a natural area for students at Thomas C. Boushall Middle School to learn about watersheds and the environment. Regardless, it will provide an opportunity to connect the Deerbourne and Walmsley neighborhoods to parks and open space where public spaces are currently unavailable.


Capital Region Land Conservancy and the City of Richmond will strive to engage the public and likely users of this new open space in a sincere public engagement process to solicit input on the proposed future uses of the property. This will include listening to the residents’ needs.


CRLC’s acquisition of these 13 acres also addresses Environmental Justice by preserving natural green infrastructure that supports clean air and clean water as well as help combat urban heat islands and climate change. As an example, this property is surrounded by land which is extremely vulnerable to summertime high heat with afternoon temperatures exceeding the limits for optimal human health. Protecting this landscape and extensive flood plain along Grindall Creek promotes cooling temperatures and helps the city prepare for larger rainfall events as predicted in the 2030/2050 climate change scenario.





CRLC welcomes volunteers to help us clean-up at Warwick Road, which has accumulated substantial litter and debris over the years, especially given its proximity to a busy roadway. Volunteers will be engaged in removing litter and debris from the forested portions of the property, from the roadside, and from Grindall Creek. Volunteers may also work to remove invasive species from the property.


Volunteers should bring their own work or gardening gloves to perform the litter removal. They should also be sure to wear long pants and sturdy footwear in order to move safely across the wooded and uneven terrain. Insect repellant is encouraged. Participants must be 12 years or older.




To ensure everyone's safety, headcount for this event is limited to 25 registered participants. We will be observing strict social distancing norms throughout all portions of the day’s events. Even though we will be outdoors, we request that participants have masks or face coverings on their person for times when social distancing is not possible. 




This event is free of charge, though we accept and appreciate donations to support our efforts. Final details will be provided to participants once they have completed the liability waiver. The waiver will be emailed to participants after registering, or you can access the waiver HERE.

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