Welcome to the official Team Fields donation page for the 2021 Conservation Games.


Team Fields is competing to help Capital Region Land Conservancy protect our region's agricultural lands, open spaces, and sacred grounds! Help us win the most points in the 2021 Conservation Games by joining in the fundraising competition, in addition to free events.



Why Team Fields?

Heard of Hanover tomatoes? Well, Virginia is the 9th largest producer of fresh market tomatoes in the United States. Did you know that in 2016 corn produced $175,000,000 in cash receipts in Virginia and was the 8th highest grossing commodity in the state? In fact, agriculture is Virginia's top industry with an economic impact of $70 billion annually and 334,000 jobs. Yet approximately 340,000 acres of agricultural land were developed over the past 20 years 50,000 acres in the Richmond region alone.


According to the US Agricultural Census, two-thirds of the agricultural land in Henrico County were lost since 1978 such that there are only 99 farms left operating on 9,820 acres. That includes Malvern Hill! The region is outpacing the rest of the Commonwealth, which was recently ranked by the American Farmland Trust in the Top 10 states for acres of agricultural land developed per new person added to the states population.


Whats more concerning is that the primary stewards of our farmlands, our farmers are 58.5 years old on average. They make less than 15 cents of every consumer dollar spent on food. Operating costs are rising and opportunities to cash out the land assets to pay for retirement are growing more enticing as industrial scale solar facilities are sprouting across the landscape.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility and inequality of our food production and distribution system that has become increasingly consolidated. At Team Fields, we seek to do more for farmland preservation and keep local farmers afloat to support our restaurants, farmers markets, and food pantries. We celebrate women who now represent 36% of all of Virginias primary farm operators. We stand for healthy and equitable food systems. Help us build our team by inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to participate!


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